One Billion Souls, PLUS

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We are stretching to reach One Billion Souls. Will you join us?

It was in a time of prayer the Lord gave pastor Steven a challenge to reach one billion souls by the year 2050. Prayerfully, Pastor Steven waited on the Lord for a strategy to meet this challenge. In the same spirit, the Lord gave him a strategy – go to one area an have several meetings in that area. This strategy was a breakthrough for ministry. To see our crusade preparation, visit our Crusade Concept link.

The area was then subdivided into eight regions. Africa as a continent will soon have a population of close to one billion people.  The mandate to draw all the peoples of the world to Jesus Christ is a mandate for the church and the Africa Harvest Mission.

The call to reach one billion souls has grown even beyond our human understanding. The Lord asked us to involve every person in reaching One Billion Souls. The local church becomes an important component in the reach. This call has been introduced first through the churches Africa Harvest Mission has worked with in having them start and strengthen evangelism. In asking the local churches to reach their communities, a small effort her and a small effort there, like a forest fire, Africa will be consumed by the love of Jesus Christ.