Beloved of God,

It is always my Joy to share with you about what happens in
the harvest field.

Thanks for all your prayers, support and encouragement, all
is going on well and we believe God is using you and us to bring back revival
in the western part of Uganda.

We just concluded the crusade in Ibanda which started on 17th
July and ended on 21st July. 878 decisions were made for Christ.
There was a great Manifestation of God’s power which made many to get delivered.

Some of the miracles which happened include; those who were
paralyzed who gained strength and walked people who were deaf that begun
hearing, some were paralyzed but after praying they regained their strength and
walked, while others who had different mental or physical problems became
instantly healed.


We had an opportunity to speak to the church leaders in the
area and to thank them for the wonderful work they are doing in building the
kingdom of God.

We also reached out
to those in schools and medical centers, shared and prayed with them; including
working around the community by cleaning the dirty streets in the main trading


continue praying and believing with us for God’s Provision and for a big
harvest of souls in our next crusade in Mbarara at Independence park from 28th
July to 4th August 2013

Together in the Harvest Fields

Steven Sebyala and the AHM Team