The Lord has been so good to us and everything is going well
with the Western Uganda Crusades.

Allow me to
share with you the news from our 2nd crusade in Western Uganda which
we just concluded in Kihihi- Kanungu, Uganda. Kanungu is known all over the
world for the mass murder/suicide committed by a cult called the ‘Movement for
the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God
’ in 2000. This
community and its people were in desperate need of the true life-giving Gospel
of Jesus Christ.


This Crusade
started on June 12th and ran through the 19th in Kihihi
Stadium. Every evening, thousands of people gathered from the surrounding
villages, often walking long distances to listen to the Gospel very keenly; and
throughout the week the Word was powerfully preached by Pastor Steven. There
was a great demonstration of the power of God every evening and very many
people were delivered from demonic powers, oppression and many were
miraculously healed from different sicknesses and infirmities.

Some of the
miracles included people who were deaf that begun hearing, some were paralyzed but
after praying they regained their strength and walked, while others who had
different mental or physical problems became instantly healed.


We also had a
seminar with the local pastors and church leaders in this area for encouraging
and empowering them to do the Lord’s work more effectively; despite the bad
history of the 2000 people who were burnt by the Cult using Jesus’s name 12
years ago.

We also reached out to those in schools and
medical centers, shared and prayed with them; including working around the
community by cleaning and unblocking two water wells as well as cleaning the
streets of a very dirty section in the main trading area.


I pray that the love of the Gospel
will keep growing in our hearts and we keep running together until we reach a BILLION
souls with the Gospel and make Africa a Jesus Continent.

Please continue praying and
believing with us for God’s Provision and for a big harvest of souls in our
next crusade in Ntungamo, a town in Western Uganda, taking place in Ntungamo
Play Ground from June 19th to 23rd.

Together in the Harvest Fields,

Steven Sebyala and the AHM Team