Beloved of God,

It is a great pleasure to
share with you the good news from the recently concluded Greater Kampala
Harvest Crusade, which took place in Kampala, Uganda from March 2nd
to April 1st, 2013.

This meeting followed our Ntinda
Jubilee Crusade in which we registered 800 decisions for Christ in the first
two weeks of February.

Kampala the capital city of
Uganda, battles to control crime, prostitution, the large numbers of street children
increasing the level of petty crime on the city streets, corruption almost
everywhere and much more.

The crusade was timely as
it was conducted during the Easter season and gave people a chance to reflect
on what Jesus did at Calvary.  
For thirty
days, thousands of people were gathering every evening from 4pm to 8pm to hear
the Gospel. This crusade was also broadcasted live on Family Radio and we had a
good response.

We had many ministry teams
ministering to different groups of people in the mornings and afternoons before
the crusade began in the evenings. This included a team of evangelists who moved
to all the streets, markets, malls, and everywhere giving out flyers and sharing
the good news with people and at the end of 30 days of this great harvest
crusade, w
e registered over 8,300 decisions for
Christ; we are grateful to God for that even though we had thought it would be
much more than that.

those converted was a witch doctor who surrendered all his witchcraft items and
all his shrines to be burnt down. This man attended the crusade up to the end.

lady was delivered from witchcraft. She testified of having had many
miscarriages and not being able to carry a baby to term and the medical doctors
could not tell why that was happening to her all the time; during the crusade
she was delivered and she vomited solid black staff which looked like very dark

 Hundreds of others
were delivered from demonic powers and oppressions and others were miraculously
healed from different sicknesses and infirmities.

were also privileged to host Pr. Paul Peart from New York and a team from Grace
Community Church based in Denver, Colorado. We were greatly blessed by their
presence and participation in the crusade activities.

We were also blessed by the participation of several community
leaders of the city.

challenges we had were mostly financial; the crusade cost us a lot of money
because we had to deploy very heavy security due to terroristic threats and various
permissions from different offices.

We are so grateful to God for this great privilege of
working with Him in the harvest fields, we are also grateful to God for our
partnership with you in this great harvest. You have continuously gone with us
to these harvest fields.  I pray that
this love and passion for wining the lost will outgrow everything in our hearts
and we will keep running together until we reach 1 BILLION souls and make
Africa a Jesus Continent.  

Together in the harvest fields

Steven Sebyala and the AHM Team