Greetings from the harvest fields of Africa

We trust that the lord has kept and protected you well.

We apologize for taking long to send you these reports;
we were over stretched with a string of Missions some of which you will see in
our next report. Our last two crusades took place from 12-19 August at Entebbe
and from 26th to 2nd September at Lugazi.

In both places the turn
ups where very encouraging most especially over the weekends. Despite the heavy
rains in both places that affected our machines, we prevailed and the word was strongly
preached.  There was a great
demonstration of the power of God every evening and very many people were
delivered from demonic powers, oppression and many were miraculously healed
from different sicknesses and infirmities.

We registered only 500
decisions for Christ in both places but that was a land mark in those areas.

Based on their history

We faced more other
challenges in both places than rain but they only helped to stretch our Faith.

Transportation of our
sound Equipment now poses as our biggest challenge but we trust the Lord who
answered our prayers regarding the sound equipment, will answer our prayers for
the truck.

In Entebbe we had a great time with many pastor and church
workers and we encouraged and lifted up each other so much. 

We once again want to appreciate all of you our partners for
your prayers, Love and support you have always extended to us towards the
preaching of the Gospel.   

I pray that the love and the fire of the Gospel will keep
growing in our hearts and we will keep running together until we reach a
BILLION SOULS and make Africa a Jesus Continent.

Together we will reach a Billion

Blessings again

Steven Sebyala and the AHM Team