Beloved of God,

I am very glad to share
with you the good report of Karamoja Harvest crusade which we just concluded at
the end of September.

Karamoja region was not an
easy region to cultivate on because the people there are more bound to their
culture than salvation.

And they are too much
materialistic that they like receiving things than receiving the word of God.

By God’s grace, we were
able to do a seminar in Moroto full gospel where we managed to teach some
Leaders. Pastors moved from different parts of karamoja for the conference
which we had for 4 days.

It was really God’s Timing
for us to go to karamoja because the church in Karamoja real needs God’s
intervention spiritually.

I will say that our joy was
multiplied because of what the lord did in Karamoja. The response we got was
too good than what we had expected.

We expected a big
resistance but it was the opposite, it was there but not as big as we thought,
we believe it was because of your prayers.

Every evening from 3pm to 6pm,
Hundreds of People traveled from all the towns and villages around to come to
the crusade ground and listen to the Gospel very keenly. Very many were
delivered from demonic powers and oppressions and others were miraculously
healed from different sicknesses and infirmities.

Our hearts rejoiced every
night as we watched hundreds giving their lives to Christ.

Among the few challenges we
faced, was the rain which powered abruptly on Saturday the 25th
before the crusade was concluded.

Another challenge we faced
was the hostility of the people when we were giving out the clothes we had
taken for them. They could not get organized they just fought for the clothes
and they ended up running away with one bag before distributing to them.

We had a challenge of lack
of electricity in that we were not able to do any communication to our partners
even the internet was very poor in that place.

We had a problem in
transportation in that Karamoja is too far we travelled for 15 hours and our
truck and bus broke down when we were going and when we were coming back.

All in all we will not
forget to thank God for keeping us during that crusade that we risked our lives
to take the gospel to that area, we also thank God that this time our generator
and equipments worked well up to the end of the crusade. And none of our team
members fell sick during the crusade and we came back when we were all fine.

With that report, allow me
to extend our sincere appreciation to you for your continued prayers and
support for the Gospel (Great Commission).

pray that the fire will keep burning in our hearts and we keep going together
until we reach a billion souls, and made Africa a Jesus Continent.

Together to reach a Billion souls

Africa Harvest Mission