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Beloved of God,

I greet you in
the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a great pleasure to share with you
news from Ntinda Jubilee Crusade.
This was our first Crusade
this year running from 25th January to 10th February 2013.

Every evening,
hundreds of People gathered from all around the region and listened to the
Gospel very keenly. Throughout the week the word was powerfully preached and
Lord gave us a bountiful harvest over 840 men and women gave their lives to

power of God manifested strongly in the meeting and very many were delivered
from demonic powers and oppression and very many were miraculously healed from
different sicknesses and infirmities.

these reveals that the gospel is the number one need of the world and we want
to thank you for your continued prayer and support for the gospel. I pray that
this fire will keep burning in our hearts as we keep going together until we
reach a billion souls, and make Africa Harvest Mission.

we can reach a Billion souls



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